Make Plans

AJ having fun with the 20# medball.

AJ having fun with the 20# medball (whoops, I just realized I used the same pic twice).


1. New Class Times–Starting tomorrow morning, the 7am class is moving to 8am. There is no longer a T/Th 7am class.

2. Burn–this Tuesday, the 19th. Tickets are still available for the movie and party. It is a fun event and a great cause (and don’t worry, 100% of the proceeds go to the Detroit Fire Department, not Seadler).

3. Gym Beautification Day–this Sunday, the 24th, at 10am. Please come help out. (Open Gym is canceled for the day)

4. 2013 Holiday Party!!!–Saturday, December 7th, 7pm start, in Capitola. Be there with bells on (not literally, fishnets and tails are just perfect).