Making Athletes Better

First place in two divisions,  and not point scored on him.

First place in two divisions, and not point scored on him.

CrossFit West Santa Cruz and its athletes have had quite a month.

It started with Claudia Tebay shaving 15 minutes off her Olympic distance triathlon. That’s a PR! The next weekend, Leah Lutz set a national and multiple state records on her way to winning her inaugural powerlifting meet. Next came the Santa Cruz Affiliate Cup with multiple snatch and clean&jerk PRs, a 2nd place in the RX division (Chris’ hamstring is healing up nicely), and a couple top 3 finishes in the Open division. Not to mention that CF West entered 9 teams in the competition.

Last weekend, Judi Oyama took 2nd place in the Slalom Skateboard World Championships in Texas. Judi, a masters age athlete, was forced to compete in the regular division since there was no one else her age. No problem for Judi, however.

Judi had this to say after her win:

Big thank you to the trainers Jason, Chris and Sam at CrossfitWest in Santa Cruz. I’m the slowest in class and the oldest 7:00 am but it really really helped. My core was strong and my legs. I used to fizzle by the end around finals and since these were 10 – 12 hour days it was sooo worth training for skateboarding. I highly recommend Crossfit to help any sport.

This weekend, CrossFit West’s fighters took the stage. Dom Speight won 2 divisions (knockdown and Japanese MMA) at the Jissenteki full contact invitational. In the second division, he elected to fight in the heavyweight division so as to not compete with a teammate, and even giving up over 20 pounds, he still dominated. Jay Allen took 3rd place in his division at the US Open Jujutsu championships.

I can’t say enough how proud I am of these CrossFit West athletes. It is such an honor and pleasure to help them train and be better at their chosen sports. Congratulations!

And there is still 11 days to go in October.