March 13th WOD

Thursday, March 13th                                   HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAMIEN!!!!!

Workout of the Day with the UCSC Crew:



Pictured from left to right: Sam Radetsky (CrossFit Trainer), Michael Runeare (Women’s Soccer Coach), Chris Siegel (UCSC student), Dan Chamberlain (Men’s Soccer Coach), Lily Hallock (Wellness Center Assistant Director), Adam Boothe (Women’s Cross Country Coach), Selene Teitelbaum (Women’s Volleyball Coach, CrossFit Trainer)

“Fight Gone Worse”

3 rounds. 1 minute at each station, as many reps as possible:

Pull-Ups (dead hang, kipping or jumping)

chris-pull-up.JPG Chris doing dead hang pull-ups

Over-the-box Jumps

selene-box-jump.JPG    sam-box-jump.JPG Selene and Sam box jumping.

Push Press (65 lbs chicks, 75 lbs dudes)

lily-push-press.JPG dan-push-press.JPG Lily and Dan pressing.

Kettlebell Swings (3o lbs chicks, 40 lbs dudes)

adam-kb-swing.JPG  Adam doing KB swings.

Double Unders (or run)

chris-double-unders.JPG Chris jumping rope.

Try this WOD and post your numbers and comments!