Matt Z at Lalanne

Matt during the jumping squat event this last weekend. Please post any thoughts on his new hairdo to Comments.

Based on his shoes, the perfect Christmas present for Matt. And Johnny, Bailey, and Morgan.

CrossFit West Santa Cruz up and coming bad ass Matt Z competed in last weekend’s big throwdown at Lalanne CrossFit in SF. Matt has been home in Stockton for summer break from UCSC training at 209 Sport, but is back in glorious Santa Cruz this weekend and will be challenging PJ for the teen age barbell crown.

Matt wrote a little review of the comp and his impressions. He came in 14th overall among a field that featured many of this year’s Regional competitors.



Amrap 12 min (185#)

40 deadlifts-

30 burpees-

20 shoulder to overhead-

10 squat cleans

1 full round plus 16 extra deadlifts


Amrap 4 min (155#)

10 squat snatches-

amrap overhead squats

10snatches + 7 ohs


Amrap 2 min (95#)

jumping barbell squats

61 reps

(Deadlifts, squat cleans, squat snatches, overhead squats, jumping barbell squats, DAMN! MY LEGS!)


The first event was the one I was worried about the most because the shoulder to overheads were the hardest part for me.  I planned to go sets of 5 but I quickly resorted to sets of 3’s and 2’s.  This event really separated the men from the boys because it was fairly heavy for the overhead stuff, and it tested how much you can push through the pain while still moving big weight.


The second event was alright for me, I felt good warming up and reaching 155, but I quickly found out during the event that I can snatch fairly heavy weights for 1-3 reps, but not for 5 or 10.  I tried to go sets of 3, but my back and hams were just lit up and sore from the week and the last event especially, so I had to go singles.  I think I actually failed two reps of snatches.  Getting the weight overhead for the overhead squats was no problem for me, and not even the lockout, but squatting it was hard, just because my legs were super tired.


The last event was my best performance of the day, because I had friends right in my face screaming and pushing me on.  For the first minute I went sets of 15, then sets of 5 and 3, then just pushed through hard for the last minute.  As soon as time was called, I dropped the bar, tried to walk off, but immediately fell to the floor because my right quad cramped up so bad hahaha. At the end of the day, I had a 29th, 27th, and 10th place finish in the events which I think put me in 14th overall. Which didn’t get me to the final wod, but I was still happy with my performance, taking into account that there were around 60 guys in my division and I was most likely the youngest dude there competing Rx’d Lol.

Good work Matt. See you at CFWSC soon.


Walking Lunge 5×5

Add 5# to last week.



Kettlebell Swing 53/35#

Bar Dip