Me, Compete?!?


Austin, Jeff and Dave, taken with intsagram to capture their hipness

As you might have noticed, the CF Open is just days away.  The official CrossFit competition season will open on Wednesday, and thousands of competitors will be anxiously awaiting the release of WOD #1.  There is some tough competition now, and the competitors in the “fire-breather” category of CrossFit have pretty intense levels of passion and commitment.

Most of us at CFWest don’t fall into this level of competition.  We show up for class. We know we have weaknesses, hope to improve them, and we have some definite goals. Some of us stick around after class to get extra work done, and a lot of us just have to get home or back to work.  There is a lot of life outside of CrossFit! We really just want to get a good workout, to get stronger, to be healthier.

But all of us compete in some fashion each time we show up at the gym.  We compete with ourselves: striving to squat more this week, getting more pull ups before we fall off the bar, or finally getting double-unders.  We are the people who might not think about signing up for the Open, but maybe we should.

An integral element of CrossFit is learning to push ourselves, learning to set goals and work hard to meet them, even if that means we struggle a bit.  The Open is a chance for all of us to learn and grow in a slightly different mode of competition.  We’ll be able to compete with the entire CF world each week.  We’ll be able to compete with the strict movement standards of a competition.  We’ll learn things about ourselves when we perform beyond our expectations and when we fail to meet our expectations.

Entering the Open can be a bit intimidating for some.  I know it is for me.  I signed up in a moment of CF high, and the doubts are creeping in.  I know that the workouts will probably be designed to include the masses.  I know that I only have to score one point in a workout to stay in it.  I know that there are many things I will be able to do.  But I am still nervous for this first workout.  I can only hope that there are no handstand pushups.  Being upside down still freaks me out, but then just about everything in CrossFit freaked me out when I started.  It is often when we least expect it, or are most unsure about the task before us, that we truly surprise ourselves with what we can do, what we never expected to do.

The Open is designed to include everyone.  Really, truly everyone!  No one is too new or too unskilled for the Open.

So sign up here!

CrossFit West Open Kick-off

This Saturday, February 25th at 11:00am.  Come and do the first WOD, stay for a BBQ after.  See you all there!



Back Squat 5×2 +5 lbs


Team Rowing

In teams of 4, row the maximum amount of meters possible in 15 minutes. Your team may break up the row however you like.