Chris C

Steph Wormington

When I think of meditation, an image of a bearded man in a robe atop a mountain sitting cross legged appears in my mind.  And on a few occasions when I decided to sit and try to “turn my mind off” the only thing I could think about was “how in the world am I supposed to NOT think?”  It sounded in my head a little something like this, “Ok, just let your mind go blank.  Just invision blackness.  Oo, my leg itches.  It’s kind of hot in here.  Wait, don’t think!  Ok, blackness.  Blackness and calmness.  Mmm.  That dog next door wont stop barking.  Why do people get little dogs anyway? Wouldn’t you rather have… hey wait, don’t think.  Ok, blackness …”  Ya not very successful.

Meditation just isn’t for me I guess. And considering only 9.4% of people in the US claim to meditate regularly, it sounds like it isn’t for most people.

Or is it?

Think about the toughest CrossFit Workouts you’ve done.  How in the world did you get through Fran the first time you did it?  Or Helen?  Or “The Virgin?”  (Oh ya Jason, that’s what we’ve nick named that nasty Thruster/Sled Pull workout you put us through yesterday).  Surely you didn’t actually finish the workout by being intensely aware of and focused on every bodily pain and uncomfortable feeling that came throughout.  At some point you decided to turn off your mind.  You might have even closed your eyes.  You breathed in through your nose and out through your mouth.  You found a rhythm in your movement.  You kept a tempo in your steps. You put one foot in front of the other.  You told yourself “3 pull ups at a time.  Breath.  3 more pull ups.  Breath.”  You told yourself “breath and fire.”  And then, after turning off your mind for a time, finding a rhythm, putting one foot in front of the other, you were finally finished.

Sounds a little like meditation to me.  Hey, whatever works.



OH Squat


4 Rounds– 2.5 min rounds, 90 sec rest

30 yard resisted run

6 Deadlifts (275/185)

Max Burpees