Men Down

Dead soldiers.

We have had a lot of broken bumper plates showing up lately, littering the gym forgotten in corners or tucked under benches. Most of these 10 and 15 pound plates did not die from natural causes, but were bludgeoned to death. That’s right, their cause of death was trauma inflicted with a blunt instrument—the floor. These poor suckers were dropped to death.

Post workout nutrition is very important.

Almost a thousand dollars worth of bumpers have been broken in the last couple month, just about all 10 and 15 pounders. That’s a grand worth of expensive rubber whose whole purpose is to help you get stronger, faster, and fitter. Bumps don’t grow on trees, ya know. There is no reason at all to drop these guys from any height, especially overhead. I know it is fun to let fly from space, but if you have only 10s or 15s on the bar, please lower the bar to the ground, do not drop it.

That goes doubly for empty bars. Never ever ever drop an empty bar. That is just straight abuse. Absolutely nothing is guaranteed to ruin a bar faster than dropping it. Not to mention what it does to Cliff’s blood pressure.

Take care of the equipment at it will pay you back in PRs for many years to come.
OK folks, sermon over. Thanks for listening.


Rest Day