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The mighty Jocelyn is bumped to 2nd place in a stellar performance by Leah. Congrats on a great day of weightlifting Leah.

Pulling 300# on the way to a 620 CF Total.

The Weekly PR board before its Sunday erasing. Great work everyone.

CFWSC trainer Kyle gets an unexpected Valentine's Day present.

Today’s guest writer is the irrepressible Golden.


We’ve all had our issues in training, right? Injuries, technique, work capacity, diet, and drive plague us all at times. This post is in regards to one of the many things that drive us crazy: Technique.

I started Crossfit just over a year ago and really loved learning all the basic movements like the clean, deadlift, snatch and even wall ball. Muscle ups took me about 2 months to finally get my first one and I really spent a lot of time working technique and watching tons of videos. Now, let’s just get this out of the way so we are all clear and so that Sam is sure who is writing this–I am an athletic guy, I’ve never been the best at anything but I’m pretty much good at everything I do… I have always been for lack of a better word, Golden.

Then came these stupid things called double unders. I tried them, and tried them, and watched Buddy Lee videos, and tried them. I felt like a spaz, a complete spaz. I’ve never had a harder time with any skill in my life. I just could not do them and I honestly believed that I would NEVER learn them, ever. As in I really believed I could never learn them. Freddy C hates them and he’s a CF superstar, so F ‘em I can deadlift over 500 pounds.

One day, months later if I remember right, I couldn’t do the skill because of my wrist so Joc said, “Do 100 double unders.” It took me over an hour! I got 8 in a row and wrote it on the PR board. But, after 8 months of trying I started to get it. 8 months! After a little more refining I had them. While I can’t do 100 in a row, I can at least do 30-40 in a row and more importantly I don’t FEAR them anymore, which is the coolest part. I might not be the best ever at them but I KNOW I can do them.

The moral? Some of this stuff takes time; some of it takes a lifetime. If you fall into despair regarding a certain movement, technique, trick, weight, distance, or time think about the fact that even I, the strongest, most athletic, best all-around Crossfitter in our box (the author’s opinion) took over an hour to do 100 double unders and now I can do them in sub 2 minutes.

Post Script- Community

I would like to thanks Sharon, Desmond and Sam R for their financial support of me in my bid for Sectionals. It means the world to me that we all go to a “gym” where people care enough about each other to donate money so that I can compete. It is an amazing community we have at CF West Santa Cruz, even if Cliff is part of it.

Post Post Script- Fun

Have fun with your training!!!

Please post any thoughts on Golden’s post to Comments.

And speaking of monster efforts, Jocelyn did Isabel (30 Snatches at 93#) in a smokin’ 1:36.  I was stoked to see  it, you don’t hear of speed and strength like that everyday. We got video and hopefully it will posted soon.



5×3, 5×1 (your choice depending where you are in your training)


21, 15, 9

Snatch 115/75#

Ring Dips

Double Unders

Post DL weight and WOD time to Comments.