Tonights testimonial is brought to you by Mike.  Mike is a Firefighter who comes to CrossFit regularly as part of Team 9Am.  Although a bit skeptical at first (just like the rest of us) he committed to the Paleo Challenge.  I remember he was worried about what he would eat while he was out or what to buy when shopping.  In my last ditch effort to twist his arm I gave him my phone number so that if he had “in the moment” questions he could just call and ask.  It has been a pleasure for all of us trainers here to see how strong he has gotten over just 3 months and even more excited to see him continue on over time.   


I started Paleo on a whim, when J was talking about starting the program after a class. Considering my previous diet it was a mammoth undertaking, and It was probably easier that I didn’t dwell on the decision for too long, just another positive thing about coming to Xfit i guess. Once I had made the decision to do it, It only seemed right to keep on the diet strictly to see what it could do. I noticed some benefits, but the long term changes are sure to be more beneficial than anything I’ve achieved in the past 3 months.

When I started, I don’t think I really gave it too much thought. I’m pretty sure my diet would give some of the trainers here nightmares, tons and tons of carbs. A lot of it was out of convenience, but whatever the excuses, I ate a lot of the stuff. Cutting it all out of my diet was not something that I would have considered feasible if you had asked me before that day. Once I had volunteered to do the program I think that the only way I kept myself on the diet was not the goal of loosing weight, but to test & really see exactly what the effect on my body would be if I kept on it and eliminated ALL the carbs & junk I was eating. So I did, I keep a log of what I ate & stayed off non-paleo foods for the duration. Well, not 100% true, I did start taking dairy with my coffee for the third month, but aside from that it was paleo all the way.


Over the three months I noticed that I had more energy, or rather I was tired less. I also noticed that I recovered from workouts faster which allowed me to attend more. For the 3 months I think I averaged 3 times a week, which was an improvement over what I used to be able to do. I lost some weight, not too drastic, 10-15lbs, and my clothes feel loose which is a nice change. Some of my performance numbers increased significantly, some look stagnant. Having said that the change is there, my pullups are real chin over bar pullups now, not just head to bar like I started with, The workout times aren’t too different, but the intensity that I can do them at has greatly improved. I run the 400’s between the kettles now where before I had to walk & catch my breath. My deadlift stayed around three bills, but over the course of these three months I’ve gotten strong enough & forced myself to keep proper form when lifting so that I can lift the same weight & not walk away with back pain, that I was getting in the beginning. So while the numbers may not show it there have been lots of improvements.


I think that the greatest benefit that I gained from this three month run is, while it has been difficult, I leered that I can keep a diet that excludes the breads & sugars that were such a staple in the past. Any reduction in those groups is sure to yield long-term heath benefits, & hey, the short term advances aren’t to shabby as well.


Stats Before/After

Grace 4:00 (115), 5:36 (rx’d! 135)

Helen 11:49 (53), 11:26 (53)


Workout (by Kyle)

4 Rounds


7 Hang Power Snatches (135/95)

2 Muscle Ups

21 Box Jumps (20″)