Reps! Cliff and Jocelyn overhead squat bodyweight.

Reps! Cliff and Jocelyn overhead squat bodyweight.



One of the things that I like most about CrossFit is its recognition of milestones.  And there are a lot of milestones in CrossFit.  It is kinda never ending, which is another of my favorite things.  One’s first couple kipping pullups and first muscle up are certainly big milestones.  How about a 2xbodyweight deadlift.  Simply doing one of the benchmark WODs, ‘the girls’, as rx’d for the first time is a great milestone.

At CF West, we have another milestone.  The bodyweight overhead squat.  The OH squat is one of the more difficult movements in CrossFit to really become comfortable with and for many trainees a bodyweight overhead squat seems utterly incomprehensible when they are first introduced to the OH squat.  

Of course, a single rep at bodyweight is merely the beginning, but it is still a milestone to be celebrated with a high-five or slap on the shoulder.  Like other movements, such as the muscle up, each succeeding consecutive rep is treasured and polished in one’s mind.  Two, three, four, five, six, and then a new milestone begins to glint in one’s eye.  Fifteen bodyweight overhead squats.  It is a classic standard of athleticism.  Several CF West athletes have done 5 and 6 reps, who will be the first to 15?

What are your favorite milestones in CrossFit? Please post to Comments.


5 Rounds

5 Thrusters 135/85#

10 Pullups (c2b of course)

Post WOD completed and score to Comments.

Speaking of 15 bodyweight OH squats,  this is one of  my favorite CrossFit videos.  Pretty inspiring.