Missing is a part of Olympic weightlifting.  If you lift heavy, always staying near your 1RM, 85% or up, then you are going to miss a lot.  The big boys (and girls) miss lifts all the time.  Check out some of the Bulgarian training videos out there, the misses are spectacular.  The Bulgarian system emphasizes lifting constantly close to 1RMs.  A dozen misses and more in a row before a successful lift are not uncommon.

The key is to keep trying.  Most people, and I see it over and over, will attempt a snatch or clean or jerk once or twice, maybe three times, before calling it quits.  Keep at it.  Most people’s snatch weight, for example, is far below their deadlift, so you can attempt it repeatedly.  Your body is not going to collapse on you.  What is difficult though, is maintaining the mental focus necessary to make a heavy lift after a string of misses.

Don’t be scared to try a lift again and again. Unless your form is deteriorating horribly, take five minutes rest, do the lift with that weight in your mind, and try it again.  The mental strength and focus you will get from the attempts, especially when you finally make the lift, is tremendous.

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Front Squat

5×3 (try to use weight above your clean 1RM)


5 Rounds

10 Deadlifts 225/155#

10 Push Jerks 135/85#

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