Modern and Anachronistic



With most programs, there is a lot of talk about adapting the program to suit the individual needs of the practitioner.   This kind of thinking is considered progressive and modern.  At CrossFit West, however, we are a little more archaic.  We believe that the individual should change to meet the program.

This is not to say that we don’t take physical limitations into account with an individual’s programming.  However, our programming is based on our belief that the short heavy hard and intense metcon, combined with heavy O-lifting, is the most efficient method for developing fitness, CrossFit fitness, ie work capacity.  This is not only a theoretical belief, but one shaped and challenged by experimentation and implementation with athletes of both genders and all levels and abilities, from sub 2 minute Graces and 7 minute Helens to those challenged by the basic air squat.

CF West programming is designed as a door that swings both ways.  It will increase one’s ability to do shorter heavier WODs such as Grace or Isabel, and longer lighter WODs such as Fight Gone Bad and the Filthy Fifty.  It will increase one’s max height box jump and deadlift, as well as dramatically decrease one’s row times.  

Despite modern trends in education, CF West believes that an athlete will change to meet the demands of a challenging program.  Athletes often come to CF West with existing likes and biases that they expect to be able to focus on.  Certainly they can, but the bulk of their training is dictated by the CF West training philosophy.  After a month or two the results are such that the athlete has come over to the dark side and abandoned previous training ideas.

We realize that this anachronistic philosophy may not be a popular one, and, in an era of  Curves and personal training boot camps, maybe not the best business decision, but we are just too stubborn in our beliefs to change.  Besides, multi-colored rubber dumbbells just don’t match the CFWSC color scheme.


7 Rounds

100m Sprint

2 Deadlifts 80% 1RM

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