Some days you hit the gym full of fire and verve. Other days you might feel like you need to drag yourself to the gym for class. Both times are good. It is natural that we might feel physically and mentally up somedays and down others. CrossFit is built on scalability. Modulating your intensity and your output is just another form of scaling. It’s perfectly fine to take it a little easier on some days than on others. Hitting a class is never a wasted effort, whether you blast through the WOD with the heaviest possible weight or hit a PR or not. Every time you make it to class and move your body is a check in the ‘W’ column. You may think that it was a wasted effort because you weren’t ‘on’, but you just learned a little about yourself, got a little better. Scaling comes in many forms, and it is never a bad idea. As with smart nutrition, the idea of smart training is to do it consistently for a very long time, not like a bat out of hell for a short period of time.