You may have seen her name on the record boards and wondered who she is; back in the day when CrossFit West was still on the westside of Santa Cruz, we had a real hotshot named Monica Jo.  Only now, nearly a year later, are her times being pushed down off the boards.

One time I went mano-a-hermosa mujer with her for the WOD Helen.  Well, MoJo is a fast, really fast, runner and every time I got ahead of her after the kettlebell swings and pullups, I would start to hear her footsteps at about the 200m mark.  She was also wearing some kind of heavy vanilla lotion and I could hear the footsteps and smell that damnable lotion as she closed the gap, came even with me, and left me in the dust.  At the end of each 400, I could just faintly smell the vanilla lotion as I began my swings.  This was repeated a couple of times.  It got so I hated the sound of her footsteps and the smell of the lotion.  It’s my favorite MoJo memory.

Monica left us back in October when she moved to Seattle.  She returned to Santa Cruz today for her baby shower, and it was a real treat to see her again.  Monica still trains regularly and, now in her 8th month of pregnancy with little Isabella, she looks fit and great.

Monica, from all of us here at CrossFit West Santa Cruz, we wish you, Isabella, and Luis a safe and easy birth.  Send some pics of baby Isabella.

We miss you.


5 Rounds

5 Deadlifts 65% 1RM

5 Push Press 75% 1RM

5 Pullups C2B

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