More PR’s

Nick, S. pulls a new DeadLift PR of 455!! (...By, what was it Nick? ...Almost a 100 pounds? Haha, awesome effort, man!)

Liz Stewart gets a PR in consecutive Muscle-Ups by stringing together 3 in a row on all three rounds of Thursday’s WOD!! (...It was seriously pretty cool to watch!)


Back-Squat 5×3

(Go heavy, but with emphasis on being explosive out of bottom and fighting to maintain impeccable body positioning.)




Kettle-Bell Swing (70/53)

(KB-Swing is meant to be Heavy, so scale up, if possible.)

Just a reminder, Please come help support Kelvin Nivens at this Sundays CrossFit For Kelvin.  I will be there working out along with Adam Cosner, Austin Einhorn, and many others from our gym.