More Than You Expected

With some helpful encouragement from J-Dog, Will has officially entered the elite club rightfully named "Fran Sucks"

When most people come to CrossFit they are usually looking for something different in hopes to help them get stronger, maybe lose some weight or just be overall healthier. Most people have belonged to a traditional gym in the past and have either become bored with their old routines or have lost the motivation to even go at all.  When the new client starts coming regularly they start to notice and appreciate the things they hoped CrossFit would provide. Then, after a while they begin to see how what they do here carries over into other areas of their lives as well. They will make new friendships with people, learn skills they never thought possible and find that they can push themselves harder and further then they ever thought possible.


Front Squat 5rm




Power Clean or Squat Clean (135/95)

Ring Dips