Jason N

What belongs and doesn’t belong in a WOD?  Are there movements that shouldn’t be put into a WOD?  Sure, there is a safety factor with some movements. Back extensions for example.  Good mornings are another movement that I probably wouldn’t put into a WOD.  Hard to dump the bar, range-of-motion is problematic and dangerous to push.  Acrobatic movements are pretty dangerous as well.  A back flip for example.  While I think it would be pretty cool to do a power clean/back flip WOD, missing a back flip due to fatigue has a little more ramification than missing the power clean.

What about non-strength based athletic movements?  How about strikes and kicks on a punching bag?  They are difficult to qualify power and ROM wise, but certainly they have value fitness wise.  Thirty seconds of all out work on a heavy bag is not easy, but what determines all out?  A task base, perhaps, such as 30 punches? But how do you measure the quality of the strikes? Or quality versus technique versus power? It is not as simple an equation as standing up with the weight or not.

What about a pure skill movement, something solely within the accuracy/agility/coordination field of attributes?  Basketball free throws?  Now that is interesting.  Heavy clean and jerks on the minute combined with free throws?  Certainly good for basketball as I would think that heavy lifting would replicate fourth quarter fatigue, but does it belong in a general physical preparation program such as CrossFit?  Sure it does.  Would I program a WOD like that often?  Would I be interested in doing a WOD like that often?  No to both questions, not at all.

However, fitness means more than just speed and power (ask a biathlete).  I think that there are definite benefits, benefits that are not as easily counted as adding pounds to a deadlift, to improving neurological attributes and skills.  Benefits that have a lot of unexpected and perhaps unnoticed carry over to daily life.

What do you think?  Please post thoughts to Comments.


Front Squat

Work up to a 2RM


Split Jumps

4×3 (take plenty of rest between sets and really get height)

Then (from OPT):

5 Clean & Jerks 185/120#

10 Pullups

10 Clean & Jerks 135/85#

20 Pullups

15 Clean & Jerks 95/65#

30 Pullups