Movie Night

One of our many new Elements classes

This is a Friday night event you won’t want to miss!  Everyone is invited, and you know that it would be hard to find something better to do than hang out at your gym on a Friday night with a bunch of healthy food.

CrossFit West Movie Night

This Friday, February 10th at 7pm

Things to bring: blankets, pillows, chairs, and paleo snacks

What is a paleo snack?!?  Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:


-vegetables with guacamole or some amazing paleo dip you find

-grilled or roasted veggies


-dried fruit

-your own trail mix


-sliced, grilled meat or sasuage

-deviled eggs

-chicken salad in lettuce cups

-paleo cookies or muffins



And what’s the movie?

Wait for it…


Yep, that high-class classic: Dumb and Dumber



Rest Day