Moving On

The old box; cleaned and ready for new tenants. It seems incomprehensible to me now that we ran classes here for a year and a half, always using a little more space, always pushing, until we had no more room to gain.

Someone asked me the other day if moving to the new box was a dream come true.  My honest answer was no, it is not a dream come true.  The old box was a dream come true. I never dreamt that I could have a box like the new space.

Thanks everyone.  I owe it all to you.

Come check it out.  The progress is ongoing and each day brings something new.


Back Squat

Find new 1RM


AMRAP in 15 minutes

3 Power Cleans 185/120#

1 Thruster

5 Kettlebell Swings 2/1.5 pood

7 Pullups C2B