Muscle Up!


The muscle up is often called the ultimate upper body exercise.  It combines a huge pullup with an incredibly deep dip.  It requires just about all of the physical attributes championed by CrossFit–power, speed, agility, coordination, strength, to name some, as well as technique.  Far from being a one trick move, the muscle up demands years of attention as one progresses from partial extension kipping muscle ups to full extension muscle ups to L-sit muscle ups.  Multiple reps, especially for time or with a weight vest, are best approached with the same focus as heavy lifting.  

Getting a muscle up for the first time is a true feather in a CrossFitter’s cap and a real accomplishment. CrossFit West Santa Cruz would like to celebrate its athletes who recently got a muscle up for the first time:

Kyle Bokariza

Russ Smith

Kyle Haynes

Tyler Moyer

Desmond Stockard

Congratulations guys!


10x250m row

1 minute break between rows in which one does 2 full clean and jerks with their bodyweight