Must Haves

Your arsenal

CrossFit brings us something different every day.  That’s what makes it fun and that’s also what makes it so effective. CrossFit never allows our bodies to get into the same ol’ routine.  But when it comes to performance and recovery there are a few things that need to be part of the routine.  Here are a few of my favorites (from left to right).

Tape: It’s one of the most sought after commodities in the gym.  You’ve learned this if you’ve ever left a roll sitting in the cubbies only to find it gone the next morning.   Keep it in your gym bag and use it on your wrists for OH Squats, Snatches, and other various overhead movements to help that icky squashing of the joints feeling you get when going heavy.

Fish Oil: High dose of course.  I take about 10 grams of EPA/DHA per day.  Helps with inflammation, recovery, fat loss, cardiovascular health, and a whole lot of other things.

Vitamin D3: 5000IU per day.   Because I don’t want to get sick and because the days are so short during the winter!

Natural Calm: This magnesium drink  helps me fall asleep and retain calcium.  It magic!

Liqui Kelp (Iodine):  Four drops in the morning.  If you’re following a strict Paleo diet and cutting salt, this might be one of the few things your diet may be lacking.  Have you read Robb Wolf’s book the Paleo Solution yet????

Ice Cup: Sore knees?  Elbows?  Any other boo boo’s bugging you?  The best way to relive inflammation, soreness and other owies is to ice it down for 5 minutes after your workouts and at night with one of these.  They’re easy to make and even easier to use. Just fill a Dixie cup, freeze, and tear away the paper to use.

The shaver (front row): Ah, the calouse shaver!  You can buy them in the foot care section at most drug stores and they are made for icky foot calouses.  But they work great for your hands.  You might see cool picks on CrossFit sites of people with torn calouses after Helen or other pull up heavy workouts.  But if you’ve ever torn one you know it’s not cool at all.  In fact, it can set you back for weeks in your training.  Keep your calouses trimmed regularly!

Ear Plugs and Eye Cover: Sleep is the most important part of the puzzle for just about everything.  Having trouble losing weight?  You need to sleep more!  Having trouble keeping up in your training?  Sleep more dang it!  Feeling a little insane in the membrane?  Well, even if you think you are on of those people who can get by on 5 hours of sleep, you are wrong.  Most people need 8 hours or more to be as fit and functional as possible.  Ear plugs and and eye mask can help big time especially if you live in an animal house.

What are your must haves? Please post to comments.


OH Squat

3 RM

4 Rounds:

1 Min Box Jumps

30 Sec Cross Chops

30 Sec Push Ups

45 Sec Rest