Natural Progression


Very nice work, Bilal.


For the last couple of months, we have been focusing on the overhead squat, hitting it progressively heavier once a week and including it in WODs. The overhead squat is a difficult movement, requiring strength of course, but focusing more on mobility and positioning. A lot of people have a hard time with it. Another lift that is often difficult is the full snatch. As seen by yesterday’s workout, we are emphasizing the snatch for a few months. The overhead squat is a natural building block for the snatch, setting the stage for comfort and familiarity in the bottom position of the snatch. It is very hard to do the latter without some experience with the former. Remember, these lifts are more about positioning, and the mobility needed to put one’s body into the right positions, than they are about strength. Good luck.


Pistol practice and progressions.


3 Rounds

50 DU

16 Pistols (alternate legs)