Natural means to be part of nature, not standing out from it. It means to be something that occurs without being overly artificed. The movements of CrossFit are exactly that. They can easily be found in nature. We run, jump, climb, throw, squat, pick things up, put things overhead without ever thinking about it. These are movements that are natural, to us and to our closest kin in the animal world.

In CrossFit, and most sports, there is no scoring system for form. Get the job done. Do the work–be it scoring a goal, knocking out an opponent, or finishing a WOD. There are no points for form or style. But even here, the rules of nature exist and exert their dominance. One of the greatest rules of nature is survival of the fittest. Outside of reproductive strength, efficacy of action is certainly a major ingredient of survival, and it is no different in sport or CrossFit. So then, form does matter whether points are given for it or not. Thus, far from being of secondary importance, form, as it leads to greater efficiency and effectiveness of movement and greater protection against injury could rightly be termed one of the most important elements of any sport or activity, including CrossFit.


Overhead Squat 5×3 (Add 5# to last week)

AMRAP 5 Minutes:

7 Pushups (Hand Release)

5 Toes to Bar

3 Box Jumps (these should be high [borderline scare you high] so you can’t rebound)

Rest 2 Minutes and Repeat for a total of 10 Minutes