Nearly There

In New York on vacation, I have been hitting up local affiliates, but I also got a week free at a fancy globo gym chain–Equinox. Yes, there have been all the usual funny things like quarter squats, kettlebell curls, all kinds of goofy stuff. But there are also people who are trying to move weight–cleans and jerks, deadlifts and thrusters. Most of them don’t quite have the technique, they are kind of blundering around in the dark because the trainers don’t know how to do the lifts themselves, but they are trying. They are looking outside of the machines and the cardio equipment, beyond the single joint bodybuilding movements, eschewing the pumping and the toning. They want more. They want a kind of fitness that is broad and inclusive, functional and natural. They have ideas of what else there is. From the internet, from youtube, from friends. They have taken the first step. And hopefully they will make their way to a CrossFit affiliate.


Saturday–Affiliate Cup

Sunday–CrossFit West Santa Cruz Community BBQ and Potluck, 1PM


Back Squat

Find 2RM


8 Rounds

100m Sprint

8 Kettlebell Swings 70/53#

5 Burpees