New Faces

I love seeing new faces at the gym. Beginners, transfers from other gyms, guests–it seems like there are always new people walking around West–training, lifting, getting stronger, getting fitter, getting better. I love getting to know the new faces, learning what they do, who they are, where they came from, and watching them progress. I love seeing their eyes light up with that spark when they get something, when it clicks. I love seeing them show up in new workout clothes because their old stuff no longer fits.

I love seeing guests walk into West for the first time. Seeing them stop a moment and take it all in, staring at the turf, the pullup racks, the ropes, the size and space. A lot of hard work has gone into CrossFit West Santa Cruz and it is so gratifying to see that initial jaw drop. It’s even more gratifying to get that sweaty handshake at the end of class and hear, “great class, great gym, thanks for letting me train, you have a great thing going, I’ll definitely be back.”

It is this mix of old members, new members, returning members, guests, trainers, and everyone in between that makes CrossFit West such a dynamic community. Each person, each PR, each workout adds to that ever-growing community. Thanks for being part of it all, folks.

A few of the new faces:

Dom S--full contact fighter and kickboxer.


Andrea, Denna, and Justina.

Today’s guests:

On their honeymoon--Jason and Diane. Congratulations!

Chip; up from Newport Beach for a little training with Johnny V.

And a shout out to CFWSC’s “oldest face”, our longest standing member, Desmond S:

Desmond competing with the West team at the 2009 CF Games Regionals in Irvine, CA.



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