New Paleo Challenge

Mixed martial arts fighter Bryan S catches some air in warmup.

That’s right, Paleo Challenge 3.0 is here!

Kick the new year off with a body changing experience (and possibly a life changing one)–the Paleo Challenge. The first two Paleo Challenges were enormously successful. Be a part of the third one.

The Paleolithic diet is a great and relatively easy nutrition plan. The results it yields are pretty incredible.  As with the first two Challenges, the Paleo Challenge is an excellent introduction to eating for health and fitness. Doing it as part of a community contest makes going Paleo much easier and a lot more fun, as well as easier to adhere to.

Paleo Challenge 3.0 will start the end of January and will be three months long. It will be book-ended by a week of performance testing and retesting. As with the other Paleo Challenges, 3.0 will feature prizes ranging from CF West action attire, free membership, the cash kitty, and a lifetime of fame and respect.

There will be an information meeting and potluck about the Challenge on Sunday, Jan 23rd, starting at 5pm. The meeting and potluck is open to any CF West member, family, or interested friend. More info about the potluck meeting will be coming soon, but please plan on bringing your favorite Paleo dish to share. If any of the past potlucks are any indication, this one will be fun and tasty.

Paleo Challenge 3.0

Meeting and Potluck-SundayJan 23rd, at 5pm (the meeting will be about an half hour or so and the potluck will go an hour or so)

Please come join us and learn about the Paleo Challenge 3.0.

Questions or thoughts?  Please post to Comments.


Power Jerk


Split Jerk



AMRAP in 12 minutes

8 Hang Power Snatch 95/65#

8 Thrusters 95/65#

200m Row