New Squat Cycle

CF West Jan 2011 from Jocelyn Forest on Vimeo.

With lots of new folks in the gym and the kick off of the Paleo Challenge 3.0, CF West will be starting a new 7×3 Squat program.  The program will last 12 weeks.  Starting in week 1 you’ll start out with a load at 68% of your 1RM B.Squat.  You will complete 7 sets of 3, using the same weight throughout.  Each week you will add 5lbs (or aprox 2-3%) to your working weight.  By the end of it all, we will retest for PRs!

Don’t forget to keep a journal!  If you don’t have one or yours is full, ask for one at the front desk.

Good luck to everyone.  Train hard!




6 Rounds

5 Snatch Balance (135/95)

1 Prowler Sprint high (180/140)

1 Prowler Sprint low