New Year’s Day

A few of the classes on the last day of 2010. Thanks for a great year everyone.

My first martial arts teacher placed a lot of importance on New Year’s day.  He claimed that the first day of the year sets the tone for the entire year.  Whatever you want from that year, you should do on day 1.

If you want to make strength gains, lift heavy on one one; if you want to surf a lot, go surfing; if you want to make money, count your money; if you want to get your diet under control, eat really well; if you want to deepen your relationship with someone, spend some quality time with that person; if you want to PR a lot in 2011, then get to class and train hard.  In short, if there is something that you want from 2011, do it on January 1st.

My teacher would say that having fun and partying on New Year’s eve is all well and good, but if you want to have a great productive year, then don’t spend the first day in in a daze.  That first day primes you and your interaction with the whole universe for that  year.

Happy New Year everyone.  It’s going to be the best yet.

What do you want from twenty eleven? Please post to Comments.

Workout (a new year’s choice):

5 Rounds

10 Thrusters 115/75#

5 Muscle Ups

400m Run


10, 8, 6, 4, 2

Hang Squat Snatch 115/75#

Burpee Box Jump

Pullup C2B