No One Before, No One After

Kimura at 18.

Kimura at 18.

There is a famous line about the all-time Japanese judo great Masahiko Kimura, “No one before Kimura, no one after.” He won the All-Japan (back then it was the highest honor in the judo world) a handful of times, suffered only 4 competition loses in his life, was thought to have gone 10 years without being thrown off his feet, choked unconscious and broke the arm of the founder of Gracie jujutsu (Brazilian jujutsu). The beautiful little documentary below is narrated by Canadian Doug Rogers who trained with Kimura prior to a silver medal in the ’64 Olympics (it is part of a longer doc which can be found here).

In the world of competitive CrossFit, Rich Froning has now won the Games 3 times in a row and took a very close 2nd place in 2010. Each year he seems more and more dominate. This year, he commandingly won all 3 events on the final day and ended the competition 72 points ahead of the 2nd place finisher.¬†Froning is 26 years old, an age with a lot of physical prowess still ahead. It is probably a given that he will be back next year and no one seems to be even close. There have been 7 CrossFit Games and Froning has won 3 and placed second in another. At what point can you say “No one before Froning, no one after”? Are we there yet? Not even close? What do you think?

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