No Ordinary Moments


All Hallows Eve comes early to CrossFit West Santa Cruz. Guess who?

We were doing front squats in class today and I was sharing a rack with my friend big Dave. Dave is called big Dave because he is, well, big. While there are a lot of people bigger and stronger than me, I don’t meet that many taller. Dave is both.

I was racking the bar after doing a set of 5 with a two plates and then some, and I was not paying attention as I racked the bar. I was used to the J-hooks on the rack being the right height for me, and as I popped the bar onto the hooks, I barely missed the left hook. But, I did not notice this because I was not paying attention. Thinking that the bar was safely racked, I proceeded to let go of it. All the weight came down on my left wrist, severely bending it and a couple of my fingers back.

So now I have a fucked up wrist and finger and I am pissed at myself for being stupid.  So much for mental awareness. You see, there are no ordinary moments. Especially when lifting weights. You need constant attention. Constant focus. If your mind wanders and you think about what you will make for dinner, or the girl (or guy) on the platform next to you, or why your right knee is aching all of a sudden, or what the WOD will be, or any number of things, you are screwed.

Yeah, shit happens, but it usually happens because we let it.

No ordinary moments.

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Work up to a 1RM for the day. Then back off 10-20 pounds and do 3 doubles.


Every 30 Second Ladder

Ball Slam 40/25#


When you fail, rest 30 seconds and go back down.


500m Row Sprint