Nor Cal Sectionals

Nor Cal Sectionals were a blast this weekend.  All of CrossFit West’s athletes turned in performances that were nothing short of inspiring.  We had Desmond power through the Thruster, KB Swing, Pull Up triplet making the thruster look like a paper weight; Daniel with his lightning speed 800m run, Johny V in true CrossFit style showed no real weakness in his first CrossFit competition and Vero and Golden both had C&J PR’s with 140lbs and 260lbs respectively.  Nor Cal is arguably one of the toughest regions, the birth place of CrossFit and loaded with incredible athletes, many coming from Div I athletic backgrounds.  It is so much fun see all of these top athletes compete with such intensity and camaraderie.

We couldn’t have asked for a better group to represent us this weekend. Congratulations to Golden, Desmond, Daniel, Johny V, and Vero for jobs well done!




Nor Cal Sectional Chipper

25 Burpees

100yrd lunge

5 rounds:

15 Shoulder to overhead (DB 40/25)

100yd DB farmers carry (40/25)


25 Burpees

500m row

425m run