Norcal Masters in the Books


Umm… How about this new website? Thank you Ryan from CrossFit HQ for the amazing site! This past weekend I had the opportunity to coach, cheer, and see 10 of our CrossFit West/Ready family give it their all at the Norcal Masters Competition. This was a competition for the fittest master athletes (40 and up) in the state of California.


NorCal  Masters  2016  Workouts
Workout  1:
Part  One:
3RM  Hang  Squat  Clean  in  4  minute
unnamed-3  unnamed-1

Part Two:

At minute 5 do the following:
Min 5:5 reps Power Clean
Min 6: 7 reps Power clean
Min 7: 9 reps Power clean
Min 8: 11 reps Power clean
Min 9: 13 reps Power clean…
Until failure to achieve reps at a given minute
2 sets:
6 DB Thrusters
6 toes to bar
9/6 cal row
(9 calories for men and 6 for women)
Rest 1 minute
part II
3min ma air dyne calories
Workout 3
Max  weighted  pullupin  2  minutes.
Immediately  into  max  Renegade  Rows  in  2  minutes.
Immediately  into  Max  kettle bell swings  in  2  minutes.
Immediately  into  max  double  unders  in  2  minutes.
Score  is  #  of  pounds on  BEST  pull up plus total of all movements.
Workout 4
30/20cal  AD
20  DL
20  burpees
20  DB  Shoulder  to  Overhead
20  DB  Shoulder  to  Overhead
20  burpees
20  DL
30/20 Cal  AD
Workout 5
run 500m
row 500m
run 500m
row 500m
2 days they went to war. Cleaning, pulling, swinging, running, just look at the workouts above. I am so proud of all of our competitors. They put themselves out there and gave it their all. Through BCAAs, magic potions, protein shakes, knee sleeves, and our large cheering crowd, they all not only survived, but all finished in respectable standings, injury free. We had 3 athletes make it to the finals ( Troy with a 2nd place finishin his division, Rich with a 2nd place final finish and 1st place finish in workout 5, Bill with consistent finishes throughout the 2 days, giving him an overall 4th place finish).  Our athletes represented out gym well! Great job masters, thank you for being the definition of fitness and showing us youngsters how its done.