Notes from 1Rep Max Back Squat Day

Parker's favorite class ever.

Golden on the way down with 405.

CF West just had a 1 rep max back squat day. These days are always some of my favorites, with everyone cheering each big lift. While there were a gratifyingly large group of PRs, I have to specifically acknowledge Golden’s big 405# squat. Not because it was the biggest lift of the day, which it was, but because a 4 plate squat has been a longstanding goal of Golden’s.

Due to work and the birth of his daughter, Golden did not train regularly over the course of the last year. When summer started, he was able to come to class consistently, but he was understandably frustrated with his fitness and strength level versus times in the past.  His inability to train with the intensity that he was used to led to more frustration. However, his recent 310 push press and now his back squat PR signify a new start and new seriousness in his training for Gold (well, maybe seriousness is the wrong word to use for a joker like him).

Congratulations on your recent PRs, Golden.

A day with a hundred people attempting a 1 rep max back squat is bound to have its share of humorous moments and I compiled a few below in the form of Back Squat Don’ts (no one was harmed in the compiling of this list):

1. Load the bar differently on one side.

2. Let go of the bar with one hand and scratch your head, adjust your hair or ponytail, or anything else.

3. Ask in a panicky voice while deep in the squat if you are deep enough.

4. Dump the bar if you have a spotter.

5. Do the Elvis, ie adjust your feet while squatting.

6. Use only 10s and 15s as they look very similar in size when stacked on a bar.  See point #1 above.

7. Help someone lift 325# to shoulder height and back onto the rack if you are significantly shorter than the other person.

8. Come in after being absent for 2 months, warm up with everyone else’s max, narrowly miss your old PR and then bitch about how out of shape you are—ASHLEY!

9. Offer to spot someone and then, right before the squat, turn and ask the trainer how to spot someone.

10. Insist on wearing your ipod so your music can pump you up, somehow get the earphone cord wrapped around the bar, and then dump the bar.

It was a good day. Congratulations on all the PRs. I can’t wait to see the results in 6 weeks when the squat program ends.


Overhead Squat




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