Vyasa, handstand.


And dismount.

Here at CFWSC we tend to harp on nutrition quite a bit.  I am sure that a lot of you are sick of me asking how much fat was in your last meal or how much starch you had that day, but it’s only because I care.  The ugly truth is eat right or you are just spinning your wheels at the gym, or worse.  The CrossFit idea of proper nutrition certainly flies in the face of conventional wisdom, but then again, the Crossfit idea of what it means to fit hardly meshes with conventional wisdom either.  Here it is plain and simple:

Eat meat, veggies, some fruit, nuts and seeds, little starch and no sugar.

For a more detailed explanation of the above 13 words, courtesy of Robb Wolf at CrossFit NorCal, click here.

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10 Rounds

1 Squat Clean (as heavy as you can go, basically your 1RM)

2 Muscle Ups

3 Box Jumps (stack some bumpers on top of the box and go high, really high)

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