Nuts and Bolts Update

Ah yes, the post WOD coma. Flat on the back, lungs pumping, thinking good thoughts about the trainer. I have to say, it is nice to be loved.

Ah yes, the post WOD coma. Flat on the back, lungs pumping, thinking good thoughts about the trainer. I have to say, it is nice to be loved.


Nalu doesn't look impressed.

Nalu doesn't look impressed.


Well folks, we have been in the new box 2 weeks now and I am absolutely in love. Sometimes I catch myself just sitting there staring around me. When I started CrossFit West Santa Cruz over a year ago, this is the way I envisioned my gym. I am so grateful to Cliff and Jocelyn, all the ace CF West trainers, and, of course, all of our great members. Thank you.

Here is an update on the new box. The 3rd and last pullup bar, at the rollup door, is finally in. The last lifting platform has been laid and it looks great. Lots’o PRs gonna happen there. The Bachar Ladder is fully functional, but I have to add a word of caution about it. The Bachar Ladder is highly dangerous. As with anything in CrossFit, there is a progression and the Ladder is something to work up to. Shoot for a good 20 pullups and at least one legless rope climb before attempting it. The brand new Concept 2 rower is here and we have more small poundage iron plates too. We also have a few high denomination kettlebells courtesy of KB master Matt. Thanks Matt.

We will have a professionally built rock climbing wall finished by the end of the month hopefully, and a couple of pegboards before that. A lot of fun to be had there. Cliff, a professional climbing instructor, will give some climbing and belaying tutorials. Other pieces of equipment coming soon are some more grip toys, a tire or two for dragging, and a 3rd rope. I am still contemplating a zip line, but frankly cooler and more mature heads will probably prevail.

The shower is fully operational, but the hot water heater isn’t the largest so enjoy those contrast showers. The kitchen and fridge are available to all, but please respect other people’s food. There are frozen paper cups in the freezer for ice massages after training. Golden and Kyle have kindly offered their services as ice masseurs. Please fill and freeze a new cup from the supply under the sink. Help yourself to some coffee or feel free to brew a new batch. But please, no liquid, especially coffee, other than agua, on the mats. There are new cubbyholes, laboriously assembled by yours truly (seriously, I have never seen such needlessly complex directions in my life), for storing bags and clothes and whatnot. I use them for my bulging money clip.

As we have added 9AM classes on Tuesday and Thursdays, there are now 9AMs Monday-Friday. Starting next Monday, the 13th, we will have a 6:30PM class on Mondays and Wednesdays for those of us who work later hours. On Sunday, there is an open training time from 11 to 2. While this isn’t a formal class, a trainer will be there to suggest WODs, time you, and give some technical help.

CF West is dog friendly, as evidenced by the fine photo of that fine gentleman Nalu in yesterday’s post, as long as your dog is friendly and, if large, won’t blame me for you lying on your back moaning after the WOD.

And a final word here about parking. Please don’t park in spaces reserved for our neighbors, or directly in front of the rollup door. There is parking on the street and in spots not reserved. Thank you for your patience.

Well, I think that is just about all the news that is fit to print. For the other sort of news, ask Ashley. She knows all the gossip.

A huge congratulations to Jocelyn on her smokin’ 1:27 Grace time today.  Shazam! That is the fastest time, male or female, that I have ever heard of. And we have video. Rock and roll, Joc. Well done.


1 Clean and Jerk on the minute for 20 minutes. Make it as heavy as you can.

Post WOD completed and score to Comments.