O-lifting Seminar Recap

The 5pm class does a little 7-on-7 tug of war for a finisher. Fun.

Cliff's Monday 6pm crew.

The CF West Summer Sports Series weightlifting workshop taught by Billy and Ian this last weekend was superb. Fresh from the US Nationals where Billy earned 4th place and Ian got 3 bronze medals (on less than a year of dedicated weightlifting), the seminar was a unique opportunity to learn from a couple of the best in the nation. The workshop was a great success with nearly 40 people in attendance. All walked away with a much deeper understanding of the snatch and clean and jerk.

Billy and Ian train with maverick weightlifting coach John Broz out of the relative newcomer Average Broz’s Gym in Las Vegas. Average Broz’s Gym sent 4 lifters to the Nationals and all placed in the top 10, including the aforementioned bronze and heavyweight Pat Mendes’ national championship.  The style and technique taught by Broz is substantially different than a lot of the Olympic weightlifting technique usually seen.

The seminar was a comprehensive tutorial in each lift, started from the ground and covering each phase of the lifts, with different assistance drills added in. The success of the workshop could be seen by the many PRs and the improved lifting technique of the participants.

In short, it was a great day filled with information and practical application. If you were not in attendance, do not let Billy and Ian’s next seminar slip by. It is tentatively planned for this coming October. I will keep everyone informed as the details are solidified.

Both Billy and Ian will be in town for a couple weeks before heading back to Vegas. Jointly or individually, they are available for private instruction. You can contact them at [email protected]

What did you learn at the seminar? Please post to Comments.

Click here for a video of the Average Broz’s Gym lifters at Nationals.

The next event in the Summer Sports Series is the Boxing Seminar on Saturday, August 20th. More information to come soon.



5×2 @ 85% 1RM


3 Rope Climbs

5 Rounds

8 Front Squats 155/100#

200m Run

3 Rope Climbs