Obstacles, Hurdles, Pitfalls


The guest writer for this post is Golden Brown.  Golden recently completed the WOD “King Kong” as rx’d, a long standing goal, only to promptly seriously strain his wrist.  Barred from doing most movements requiring the use of both hands, he has attacked his limited movement training with a vengeance, recently squatting a way-below-parallel 390#.

Thanks for the post Golden.

Obstacles, hurdles, pitfalls, call them what you will, but sooner or later things will come up that make working out seem impossible. Whether it is physical, mental, or personal, life always has a way to impede your success. In my opinion, injuries are a part of life. You will get injured whether or not you even leave your house. So getting hurt at the box or in relation to CrossFit in general does not mean you should stop coming. If you were injured in your house would you be afraid to go back in? Some injuries last mere days, such as hand tears, or blisters; others can last days, weeks, even months or years. Does this stop your training? For me it has certainly made me reassess and reevaluate my commitment to training. Why come in if I “cant” do the WOD?

This thought can lead down a path of abandonment. Even the most strong willed can feel hopeless at times. The moral here is that you should still come to the box. Talk with the trainers, hell even talk to Cliff if you have to. Work it out! Crossfit is somewhat unique in that it is constantly varied so there are infinite amounts of movements to work on. If your left foot is hurting you can do right leg pistols. The list goes on endlessly, don’t be discouraged. We can make you better, we have the technology….or lack of technology I guess. Keep coming, talk to the trainers, tell other CF Westers what’s going on, you never know who knows what or whom. Maybe someone else just got over what you are going through and has a great strategy to help recovery.

My recent injury to my wrist has really gotten me down lately. I started feeling like I basically couldn’t do CrossFit until it recovered. But I’ve been coming in trying to make the best of it. I’ve decided to work on the stuff I can, and especially focus on some stuff I don’t excel at. I also had fun working one arm snatches with the barbell. I found that it was the first time in a while that I felt that CrossFit fun. I wasn’t lifting super heavy weight but I was able to set some goals for an explosive Olympic-ish lift. I’m running, jumping, sprinting, and squatting. Come in, do it, do it now!

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Back Squat-find your 1RM, use as many sets as needed.


7 Rounds

7 Pullups C2B

7 Ring Pushups

Post squat weight and WOD time to Comments.