October IronFest

A Stonglifting Meet at CrossFit Oaklandby coach Leah Lutz

Capping off their work in the Barbell Club, three CrossFit West lifters competed in the CrossFit Total-style lifting meet this past Saturday, October 25th.  Aimee, Kelly, and Bianca joined  39 other competitors in Oakland and dozens more at 7 concurrent strengthlifting meets across the US to test their training in an environment very unlike the average day in the gym.

Aimee, Leah, Kelly, and Bianca

Aimee, Leah, Kelly, and Bianca

Each competitor is placed into a flight of a dozen lifters, and each competitor takes the stage to make their best lifts. Competitors took up to three attempts to establish their best squat, press, and deadlift. The meet was run just like a powerlifting meet, but with the standing press instead of the bench press.

With a platform, an enthusiastic audience, and three judges, this was definitely a new experience for all three ladies.  Adding to the stress of hitting your max lift, they now also have to keep in mind the rules, plan their warm-ups and rest based on the pace of the event,  lift on center stage, and decide on each subsequent attempt with-in seconds of completing a lift.  With several flights of other lifters, you have one busy, slightly nerve-racking, yet thrilling and fun day.

After several months of extra strength training, Aimee, Kelly, and Bianca all went into this meet prepared and ready to compete.  As their coach for this event, I couldn’t be more proud of each one, knowing first-hand how dedicated these ladies have been to this meet.  There were fun times in training, some pretty tough times, and lots of support and encouragement between all of them and so many of you at the gym.

Job very well done, Ladies!

Aimee Shoemaker took third place in the Women’s lightweight division.

Bianca Toreno took first place in her weight class.

All accomplished something that seemed so daunting at times!