Oil Pull

Oil Pull

by Kayla AKA Karnivore Kayla


“Wake up in the mornin feelin like P. Diddy, grab my glasses I’m oil pulling gonna….”

Yeah I said it!! OIL PULLING.

And yes, it is all part of my morning routine including feeling like a male rapper that

changes his name 5 times and counting in his music career.

So what is it?

Glad you asked. You know when you go to Costco and you see the Crest White Strips

for a spankin deal that no other retailer could possibly offer?

Yeah! I Just bought some yesterday!

No more white strips for you! Your oral health is so much more than your pearly whites.

How does cleaning and detoxifying your teeth and gums, while also elimating harmful

bacteria and whitening your teeth sound?

Sounds unreal! Please, speak more of this ‘oil pulling’ remedy….

According to Heal Thy Mouth Summit, experts on oral health mention how bacteria can

enter the blood through the mouth causing infection, which in turn, could create a

negative impact in other parts of the body such as developing headaches, hormone

imbalances, poor skin conditions, arthritis, athsma, and infections in other parts of the

body. From my experience, I’ve noticed only the oral health benefits including less

sensitive, healthier feeling gums, no more bad breath, and most definitely whiter teeth!

Whoa lookout! Do I even have to brush or floss anymore?!

Yes. Please for the sake of everyone continue brushing and flossing…

Well how often should I have to do it?

Personally, I do it every morning for 20 minutes. Just a teaspoon (more or less), let it

melt in your mouth and swish around.

Jeeze, 20 minutes seems really extensive, do I really have to do it for that long?

You need to swish it around long enough to break through bacteria and plaque. By the

time you wake up, take your teaspoon full of oil, and continue your normal morning

routine, 20 minutes will have gone by faster than you would have expected.

And coconut oil is good for you huh! So I can just swallow it after 20 minutes?

DEFINITELY NOT. The oil pulls out toxins and bacteria that you don’t want the body to

reabsorb. Spit it in the trash as opposed to the sink or trash can, especially if you have a

septic system. Coconut oil solidifies at 76 degrees so it could clog the pipes.

Does it matter the brand or quality of the coconut oil?

That’s up to you! If you want higher quality, go for cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil.

Costco sells 43oz organic coconut oil in a two-pack for $30 which is a spankin’ deal!!

You’ve got nothing to lose! Try it for at least a week (everyday) and see if you (or your

friends) notice a difference!