Old Skool




There was an act of intentional sabotage today in Santa Cruz.  Someone cut the main AT&T fiberoptic lines leading to the South Bay and plunged all of Santa Cruz and surrounding areas into communication darkness.  Home phones, cell phones, and the internet all did not work.  Banks shut down because they could not access the 911 network in case of a robbery and stores closed up because they could not use credit or debit cards.

It was pretty amazing how out of touch and kind of lonely I felt being so completely incommunicado and cut off from all my communication devices.  I can only guess at the feelings of abandonment experienced by the really high tech Blackberry and iPhone owners.  It made me realize how dependent we are on some pretty cutting edge stuff to get through our day.  There is one place, however, where new and modern do not matter.  And that is a CrossFit box.

Look around your affiliate.  What do you see?  Not much probably.  The only thing remotely 21st century at CF West is the moniter on the Concept II rower, and even that is more 1990s.  Progressive resistance training has been around a very long time.  Take a look at Milo of Crotona, the Rezazadeh of the classical world.  In fact, competitors at the ancient Olympiads were nearly all lifters of some sort.  Closer to home, if a CrossFitter were to walk into any gym circa 1900, he or she would feel right at home.  There would be rings and kettlebells, probably a bunch of ropes and some barbells, maybe a pommel horse and rudimentary squat stand.  There would be guys doing hand stands and other hand balances, the Olympic lifts and kettlebell swings. Hmmm, sounds a lot like CF West and most CrossFit boxes.  Sounds like a lot of fun.

It is interesting that something so dependent on the modern, CrossFit is really an internet phenomenon, is really so old school.  It is an irony that I like.


7 Rounds on a 1:30 interval.

100m Sprint

2 Deadlifts 80% 1RM

5 Handstand Pushups

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