Olympic Weightlifting Seminar with Billy & Ian

Ian Droze (top vid) snatches 264 at a bodyweight of 154 pounds. Billy Bybee (bottom) snatches 275 at a 169 pound bodyweight. Billy also clean and jerked 352# yesterday.

CrossFit West is very proud to announce that, as part of its Summer Sports Series, it is partnering with CF Los Gatos and the American Weightlifting Exchange to present a 1-day Olympic weightlifting seminar taught by nationally ranked lifters Billy Bybee and Ian Droze. Billy and Ian are currently training at Average Broz’s Gym in Las Vegas, one of the top weightlifting gyms in the US, and are gearing up for the Nationals in July. Before their move to Las Vegas, they were both trainers at CrossFit Los Gatos and have both worked out and taught at CFWSC in the past. The seminar is on July 23rd, from 11:30am to 5 or 5:30pm, at CF Los Gatos. It only costs $100.

This is a great deal. Billy and Ian are both excellent coaches, with a unique and different method of teaching the lifts, as well as fantastic lifters (check out the videos above). Their last seminar saw many PRs and everyone present walked away with a new understanding of the lifts, including CF West coach Jason H who has trained with just about everyone.

Years ago, I was lucky to take a weightlifting seminar with USAW Senior International Weightlifting coach Mike Burgener (Jason was there too). It was before he started teaching the big 2-day CrossFit Olympic  Weightlifting Certification, and the seminar I took was a just a 1-day seminar with a lot less people, more 1-on-1 attention, and it only cost $100. In fact, I believe it was the last one of its kind that he did, as his CF certs were about to start. It was a great opportunity and I am very glad that I jumped on it, especially as it costs a lot more to train with Coach B these days.

This upcoming seminar is a similar unique opportunity to train with 2 high level lifters and great coaches in a close environment for a very cheap price. I highly recommend taking advantage of it. The seminar will fill up fast, and space is limited. To reserve your space, please email me at [email protected]

See you there.

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