Olympic Weightlifting Seminar





Three of the top weightlifters in America, including the current superheavy national champion, will converge at CrossFit West Santa Cruz next Saturday, December 10th, for a special Olympic weightlifting seminar. Expert teachers Billy Bybee and Ian Droze will be joined by special guest Pat Mendes for a unique weightlifting seminar. Whether you are a competitive CrossFitter looking for an edge in next year’s Games season, a competitive weightlifter looking for the podium, or a regular CrossFitter looking for improved technique and understanding of the Olympic lifts, this seminar is for you. If you are a trainer seeking professional development and better coaching cues and progressions in the Olympic lifts, then this seminar is a must.

Bill and Ian regularly travel the country teaching weightlifting seminars as the head trainers for Strength Specific Seminars, but they have never before been joined by US champ Pat Mendes. This completely unique opportunity gives you the chance to learn from the strongest man in America, to watch him lift, and ask him questions about training, programming, and technique.

The seminar will cover the Olympic lifts–the snatch and clean & jerk–as well as the Olympic squat and other movements. There will be a lecture on programming and a Question & Answer session. All attendees will be given three future video submissions. Just because the seminar is over does not mean that you stop being coached by Billy and Ian. You will be able to send them videos of your lifts for coaching and cues.

Space is filling up as people are taking advantage of this special opportunity, and I simply cannot recommend this seminar enough. Click here to register and for more information.

See you on the 1oth. Come ready to PR.


5 Rounds

2 Bench Press

2 Power Cleans


5-1 Deadlift

1-5 Muscle Up

Rest 2 minutes

5-1 Hang Power Snatch

30yd sled push after each set.