On To The Games!






First place.

Numero uno.


That is where Jocelyn finished the weekend.  She is the #1 one Northern California CrossFit Games qualifier.  And she did it with style.  Out of the 3 WODs, she won 1 and came in 2nd on the other two.  She left absolutely no doubt in any one’s mind that she will be one of the top contenders come July at the Games.

Jocelyn, we are proud of you and so stoked that you are representing CF West.  Check her out on the CrossFit main site.

Kyle rounded out a great day with a 37th place finish and an incredible effort.  Having known Kyle a long time (I was his 9th grade history teacher), it is hard for me to reconcile the memory of him for years with the firebreather that he has become.  Rarely have I seen such hard work (certainly not in the classroom those many years ago) or dedication.  Kyle, you are an inspiration to us all.  Great work.

We will celebrate Jocelyn and Kyle’s achievements this Saturday at the official CFWSC new box opening party.  Attendance for the 11am workout is encouraged, but attendance for the party afterwards is mandatory.  And we are declaring a 50 foot radius around the keg a Zone free zone. I hope to see everyone, along with friends and family, there. 

Congratulations to all those who competed in the NorCal Qualifier and the 10 who will represent this great area in the 2009 Games.


10 Rounds

5 Deadlifts

5 Pullups C2B

100m Sprint

Please post WOD completed and score to Comments.