Once Upon a Time



By Jocelyn

Mary was at the Farmers Market one afternoon, shopping around and visiting with acquaintances, trying to get her mind off of things.  But she couldn’t relax.  There was something in the back of her mind that was bothering her.  Really bothering her.  She tried to ignore it, but it was so distracting, so bothersome, that she decided she needed to do something about it.

Mary rushed home, to her small house in a small town, in a neighborhood at the edge of the river.  She dropped off her purchases and immediately went next door to Brian’s house and knocked on the door.

“Brian,” she said just as he opened the door.  “I need to ask you a big favor.  I know it’s getting late, but I was wondering if you could take me across the river on your ferry boat.  I really need to get over there.”

“Mary, wow.  You know, it’s getting kind of late.  The ferry closed an hour ago.  The sun is starting to go down.  The water is pretty choppy.  They say there’s a storm coming and I’m not sure it’s really that safe,” Brian discouraged.  “Plus, I’ve got dinner plans.  Can it wait till the morning?”

“Brian, I wish it could,” Mary persisted.  “But, this thing is really bothering me.  I need answers.  I’m worried.  I really need to go tonight.  If Jim agrees, could we use your boat?  I could ask him if he can take me?”

“Well, I really don’t think it’s the best idea.  But if Jim agrees, I suppose I could let you use the boat.”

“Oh, thank you Brian!”

Mary rushed next door to Jim’s house.  Jim is an older man in his 60’s who lives alone.  He had just wrapped up his day, and was sitting down to eat some dinner when Mary knocked at the door.

“Mary?  Well how are you?”  Jim was surprised.  He noticed she was beginning to tear up with worry.  “Is everything ok?”

“Jim I’m so sorry to bother you.  I was dropping in to ask a huge favor.  I know it’s late, but I really need to get across the river.  Brian can’t take me but he said we could use his ferry boat.  Do you think you could take me?

Jim grabbed his coat hanging in the doorway and put his arm around Mary.  “Sure Mary.  No problem.”

Once they got across the river, Mary thanked Jim profusely.  She told him she’d be ok, and that she could come back on the boat in the morning when Brian was operating during normal  business hours.

Then Mary took a deep breath and marched right up to Steve’s door.  She took another deep breath, tried to gather her self and knocked.

A moment later, Steve answered.

“Steve,” she started.  “I’m so glad you’re here.  I haven’t been able to relax all day.  I’ve been worried.  Things are…wrong.  I don’t know what it is.  But I just needed to get here to see you so I could talk to you.”

“I do know what it is Mary,” Steve answered.  “I don’t love you anymore.”

Mary stood in shock.  She backed away.  And then turned to leave.

Steve watched for a moment.  He sighed.  And shut the door.

Mary began crying.   She ran passed Katie’s house and directly to Ted’s door.  She knocked.

Ted was just getting out of the shower when he heard the knock.  He wasn’t expecting company.  He wiped the steam from the mirror and ran his fingers through his hair, grabbed his towel and wrapped it around his waist.

“Mary?”  He said, surprised as he opened the door.  It had since started raining and Mary stood there, tears rolling down her cheeks, her mascara smeared around her eyes.

“Mary, come in.  What is going on?”  Ted put his arm around her and guided her to the living room.  “Here, sit down.”

Ted sat her down and reached into the mini fridge and grabbed two beers.  He cracked them both open and handed one to her as he took a drink himself.

Mary told him the whole story.  He grabbed the tissue box off the coffee table and handed it to her.

“…and then, he said he just didn’t love me anymore,” she reenacted.

“Mary, I’m so sorry.”  Ted consoled.  “But didn’t you know?  Steve and Katie have been seeing each other.  I thought you knew.”

Mary, obviously shocked at the news, began to cry at the sound of the words.

“Mary,” Ted said again, “I am just so, so sorry.”  He put his arm around her, and rubbed her shoulder.

“If there’s anything I can do…”  He noticed her empty beer bottle.
“Here,” he said, reaching to the mini fridge, “have another beer.”


Based on only your knowledge from the above story, rank the characters above from 1 (being the best/empathize with the most/most intriguing/best character in the story- you decide why) to 6 (worst/empathize with the least/least intriguing/worst character- you decide why).  I’ll give you the rest of the information in tomorrow’s post, but ONLY if I get at least 10 responses posted to comments, each listing their choices of characters 1-6.


Back Squat

Then for time:
1000m Row
50 Ball Slams
30 Ring Dips