Open Qualifiers

12pm crew.

The WODs for this year’s CF Games Open Qualifiers start on Tuesday, March 15th. Each athlete will have until the following Sunday to complete the WOD and send their score to HQ. This process will be repeated for 6 weeks with a different WOD being announced each Tuesday.

Anyone interested in trying out for the Games or being on the CFWSC affiliate team should plan on doing all six of the Qualifying WODs starting March 15th.  Masters (45 years old and up) in all age groups also need to do the 6 Qualifying WODs.  The only difference is that Masters qualify directly for the Games and do not compete at Regionals. Since March 15th is just 6 weeks away, the time to start training for it is now.

Whether you think you have a realistic chance of qualifying for the Games or not, it is great for your training to have a goal to focus on, and the Open Qualifiers fit the bill perfectly.

If you have any questions about the Games, the qualifying process, or training for them, please talk to a trainer.

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1 Snatch Balance/1 Overhead Squats

Go as heavy as you can.


On the minute for 10 minutes:

3 Pullups

6 Pushups

9 Squats

In the remainder of each minute do as many thrusters as you can.

Your score is your thruster weight multiplied by your number of thruster repetitions.

Example: 95# X 75 reps= a score of 7,125