You know the saying, opinions are like _____, everybody has one. And in the Strength and Conditioning industry there are lot’s of them.  Opinions I mean.  Not, well…

And the thing is that everyone thinks they’re right.  In most cases there is no checking the ego at the door.   The willingness to evolve as science advances while having intelligent discussion over the best way to do things based on empirical and anecdotal evidence (or otherwise)  lacks greatly.   Everyone seems to think they’ve already got it figured out and that’s that.

The great thing about the CrossFit movement, however, is that it has provided a platform where there are no set rules per say, and fitness professionals can discuss and share experiences while constantly improving their methods in search of the best way to do things.  In other words, the whole idea behind CrossFit (and what makes it so adaptable and cutting edge to modern fitness) is the simple guideline: do what works.  Period.  Do functional movements, vary them appropriately, mix up the time domains yet generally keep workouts short and intense.

It’s beautiful really.  We aren’t bound by any outdated laws that stick with us in modern times ( P.S. did you know that in Pennsylvania, because of an old law that has never been re-visited,  three or more women not blood related cannot live in the same house because it’s considered a brothel? )  My grandpa, for example, used to tell me about how they would eat salt tablets during football games to stay hydrated.  Hmmmm.  No, in CrossFit we continuously adopt methods that are clearly working.   We do what works.

The best part is the adaptability this offers.  Football player?  Great!  Add a strength training element and emphasize agility and shorter time domains on the metcon.  Firefighter?  Awesome!  Lets be sure to add battle ropes, heavy sand bag sprints, sledge hammer hits all while wearing a weighted vest.  Marathon runner?  Fantastic!  Manipulate the volume and intensity of weight lifting and metcon to maximize strength and muscular endurance while keeping body weight low.

Do you not agree that the above would be the best ways to train those athletes?  Fantastic!  Let’s talk about it.  How are your people performing?  Better than mine?  Then what are you doing differently in your CrossFit training, cause I want to try it!

The truth is I have never liked much being told what to do.  Especially when I was being told by girlie fitness magazines that I should be doing crunches and 1/4 squats while eating whole grains and yogurt, all while wondering why even with all of this hard work I was still fat.  And I sure as heck didn’t like it  later in life when I followed a strength training regimen and was told by an outdated coach that I wasn’t allowed to continue lifting heavy weights because it was going to make me get bulky and slow.  Thank goodness I found my home when I found CrossFit who told me to simply do what works.  Period.

How do you like your CrossFit?  Do you like hard and heavy?  Longer lighter?  Technical movements and workouts (ie: Olifts, double unders, muscle ups)?  Do you enjoy the strength training portion of workouts?  Or do you prefer to get to the metcon?  What is your ideal CrossFit mix?



Deadlift 5RM

5 Sets: 1-2 min rest bet ea depending on no. of people cycling

30 Yard Prowler Sprint Hi Handle

30 Yard Prowler Sprint Low Handle

12 GHD Sit Ups