Opportunity or difficulty…You decide.

 CrossFit West Santa Cruz  trainer Monica Nicholson presents the second of her weekly endurance sports and motivational posts.



The way you view the world and your life truly makes all the difference. Times will get tough, and you will experience things that are not very pleasant. However, life must go on. So how do you see things? Do you complain about every difficulty and inconvenience that comes along, or do you see the tough times as an opportunity to rise above and grow from the challenge?

Our mental toughness has a lot to do with how well we approach the hard times in life…whether they come from our workouts, races, personal lives, or are found in our society. If we are weak, the moment things get uncomfortable, inconvenient, or hard, we give up. We become discouraged and think it’s just too much to handle or endure. If that is how you view and react to life, you will never grow. You will remain a weakling. You will remain in a safe bubble. You will not truly experience the joy and accomplishment that comes from facing and conquering your fears, obstacles, weaknesses, and your trials. However, if you are mentally tough, you will see the challenges as an opportunity to be better. You will grow when you push yourself and you will accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

When times get tough…the tough get going. Don’t be afraid to struggle. Don’t be afraid of “failure” because you are never a failure until you fail to TRY! So when the difficulties arise, and one of the most certain things in life is that the difficulties will arise, then see them as an opportunity to grow and learn. A hard time is never wasted. You will always grow from all that you go through. So how do you see things?? It’s all a matter of perspective. Be an optimist that sees the opportunity in every difficulty. It makes life a lot more enjoyable.


21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3

Kettlebell swings (use a weight with which you can power through without stopping)


Boxjumps (24/20”)

Run 400m after each triplet