Overhead During The ESPN Show


Robert, mid Helen.

Michelle and Abigail, one week old. Congratulations Pat and Michelle.

Not having a television, much less ESPN 2, I went to a local sports pub to watch the Games last night. It was a very interesting and alternatingly depressing and optimistic experience.


There were some negative comments along the lines of the girls being too muscled, the stationary bike ride being stupid, this or that girl needs fake breasts, who wants to look at a bunch of dudes doing anything (this from 2 guys who were mesmerized by the all male football game on the other tv), 225 pounds is nothing because my brother’s friend can do 400 (400 deadlift, bench, squat, what? and never mind that the 225 in question was a front squat done for 21 reps), and that kind of stupid stuff.

There were positive comments about muscles and definition, the movements, how hard the competitors were working, and that they have heard of CrossFit, that their friend’s brother is super into CrossFit, and so on. Two guys got into a discussion about how ripped these guys are and how they thought that all weightlifters were fat.

I guess the negative and positive comments were about even, although I had to stop myself from getting angry at some fat guy guzzling beer and eating deep-fried pickles talking smack about my career, livelihood, and passion. It wasn’t personally directed at me, of course, and I am sure I have offended someone with a remark about curling or poker or cricket.

However, what affected me the most were the comments from the bar patrons about how they could never do what the CrossFitters were doing. What were these people seeing on the television screen? Front squats, monkey bar swings, muscle ups, deadlifts, GHD situps, and running. I looked at one of the guys saying that and I said, “you can.” He just kind of looked at me blankly.

This one of the great things about CrossFit. You can do everything the people on the television are doing. You might not be able to do it as fast or as heavy or as many reps, but you can do it.


Clean and Jerk

Find a 1RM.

Then drop down 15-20 pounds and do 3 doubles.



Squat Clean Thruster 95/65

Burpee Pullup