Paleo 2.0

It’s here.  Paleo Challenge 2.0.  Bigger, Better.  So many of you did so well during our last Paleo Challenge it was tough to vote a winner.  Paleo 2009 proved to be effective and life changing for many people.  The results were so amazing that we’ve decided to do another challenge.   This time the stakes are higher- the prize bigger, the rules stricter, the time domain lengthier- and  we predict that with a little more experience on our side in organizing this challenge the results will be even better. 

We can’t wait to present the new challenge spearheaded by our very own Black Heart Kyle.  If you’re new to us and are interested in changing your life, or if you have been with us for quite some time and want to attack your new goals head on, please come to our MANDATORY informational meeting next Sunday at 2PM (This give you a great reason to come to open gym!)  If your schedule does not permit you to come but you are seriously interested please contact [email protected] to inquire about other arrangements. 

Requirements: please come ready to take photos.  At the end of the meeting if you decide you want to join the challenge we will be taking “before” front, side, and back photos.  These must be taken at the completion of the meeting, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Girls please be prepared to wear a sports bra or tight fitting tank top.   Guys, be prepared to take your shirt off.

We need a minimum of  10 participants to make this happen so talk each other up guys! 

Previous contestants are most certainly allowed to join Paleo 2.0.  We wouldn’t dream of deterring anyone  from partaking in this amazing, healthy lifestyle. 

Details will be given at the mandatory meeting but I can tell you that the prize is bigger and will include a cash bucket. 

If you aren’t already sold, take a look at some of the participants from the last challenge.  Read their testimonials.  Talk to them.  This stuff really works.  You will surely look, feel, and perform better.  And that’s really what it’s all about.  Being Better. 

Hope to see you all this Sunday the 17th, 2PM. 

*Meeting should take an hour or less.




3 Rounds

1 100ft Sled Push (90)

Max reps Bench Press (BW)

15 KB Swings (2 pood)