Paleo Challenge WOD

Carol and Mowgli bang out some pushups.

Shawn T; Airdyne sprints and cleans-5 rounds of bliss.

(Yes, I know ‘challenge’ in the post title is misspelled, but wordpress won’t let me change it and I didn’t want to redo the whole post…sorry)

All the classes on Wednesday will be doing the WOD for the Paleo Challenge.  If you can’t make it tomorrow, don’t worry, you can make it up in any class through Sunday.

The WOD (below) consists of a run, power cleans, and pushups.  The weight on the power clean is your choice, but you must use the same weight when you retest the WOD in 3 months.  Remember, in the Challenge you are not competing time-wise against others, as in a usual WOD, but against others in terms of improvement 3 months from now when you retest.

The type of pushups in the WOD are also your choice. As there are 40 total, please push yourself. If regular pushups are your ability level, then do them.  If 40 pushups is a pretty do-able number, then try them clapping or chest slapping or with your feet higher than your hands, or even HSPU.  If regular pushups are still a ways off, then of course scale by raising your hands.  Again, you must retest with the same kind of pushup.

The lowly pushup does not get a lot of respect, but it is a great full body movement when done properly. The standard on the pushup for this WOD, no matter how up or down it is scaled, is shoulders below the elbows when in the bottom position, no part of the body touching the ground except for the feet and hands throughout the entire movement, and arms fully extended at the top.  The body should remain rigid in the hollow position during the entire movement.  It is easy to reach for virtuosity on muscle ups or the snatch, but the pushup usually does not command that kind of attention.  Let’s change that for this WOD and the future.


Hang Squat Snatch

Find your 1RM.


4 Rounds

200m Run

10 Power CLeans

10 Pushups